See here’s where you just don’t get ‘me’ Facebook


This dude is just wrong

This dude is just wrong!!!

Yes I know – you know I’m forty. Yes I know – your advertiser knows I’m probably looking after myself a little better now than I used to. But WOW Mark Zuckerberg how wrong can you get me!?

This guy is sooo scary. Loitering outside what appears to be a toilet door (is it even his house?) with a look on his face that only expensive counselling is going to remove. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

On the up side.

As I work in Marketing Facebook has, I guess, actually provided me with the anti-template for my advertisements for the rest of my professional career. Scenario below:

Me: Does what we are about to release resemble in any way THIS? (the Facebook Sponsored Story above)

Marketing Co-ord: Hmm maybe slightly in this way.


Some more high class stuff!

What assets is this advertising?

Are you assets balanced?

At last! Keep your friends close & your enemies far, far away!

So I tend to do a vaguely annual Facebook friend cull. You know the ones that you were like – should I, shouldn’t I? – and then proceed to never interact with ever.

I am also quite strict with who I accept too. I work for a pretty large organisation & do get quite a few requests plus I tend not to say yes to the sister of the guy who worked with my brother.^

However this new social connectivity technology from Ticketmaster is making me rethink my tactics.

  • Book your concert ticket knowing where your friends are sitting – good.
  • Book your ticket knowing how to avoid that completely irritating person who does that thing you completely hate – PRICELESS! (Thanks MasterCard)

Perhaps I will be accepting friend requests in a much more lenient fashion in future…

^ I don’t have a brother.

Are ‘Likes’ making us even lazier?

Are Likes making us lazier?

Like it or not we're getting lazier

I have to admit that the other day I read an email from a friend of mine that wasn’t really going to change the world but was pretty interesting. I then looked around my Gmail dashboard for where the ‘like’ button was?! Ye gads, how bad is that! I’m so conditioned now to oh that’s pretty good – but I’m way too busy to comment but it’s definitely worthy a ‘like’. Click.

Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for. Actually mayyybe… I’ll add that to my lawsuit. Oh you haven’t heard? Well you see I actually gave Mark the idea for Facebook in a dream. Just have to wait for the Twins et al to finish up (by the way how many more courts of appeal are there in the US???) and then I’m all over it. I think conditioning around 700 million people into overt laziness will sit quite nicely in the suit.

Mwwaaaaa haaaahaaaa….