Once upon a time…


knew quite a lot about music. New music, underground movements, about-to-break acts infact so passionate was I about the blessed stuff that I actually considered applying for an ‘A&R’ (Artists & Repertoire) role and moving out of my chosen industry.

I researched the music press religiously and attended as many gigs as I could. The dingier and darker the venue and the more facial hair on the punters attending the better, and that was just the ‘chicks’. To that ends I actually believe that there may still be a few pairs of my shoes still stuck to the various floors of venues so coated with beer and bourbon that their surface texture more resembled marmalade than wood or concrete.

Those days were also filled with extreme irony in that if you ‘got on’ a band early that was a euphoric nirvana to be shared widely with jealous muso peers. However once (and if) that same band broke commercially I would drop them like a plate at a Greek wedding.

And then it happened…

My beautiful children arrived…

Replace the 1am screaming of lead guitars with that of a little human and substitute the astute studying of the music rags for the thumbing through of baby-book pages looking for assurance that biting is just a phase. I should probably stop some time I guess. To be clear though & quite simply put mes enfants are the most exquisite, sublime & joyful thing to have ever happened in my life!

What’s the bloody point of this post?

Well it’s that I’ve found one again after all these years. A great new band. I was coming back recently from an overseas business trip on Air New Zealand and listening to a channel called Kiwi FM. Dedicated exclusively to original New Zealand acts. Then I heard this song. That voice. The wistful beautiful lead vocal, ethereal harmonies, erudite lyrics and musical maturity belying their young years and tighter than a Hollywood facelift.

May I present to you The Peasants and Letting Go.

How can something ‘wrong’ sound so very,very right!

I haven’t posted to my ‘Do-tube‘ section for ages but this smile-inducing, toe tapper is truly worthy.

I’m pretty sure that this was a chance meeting on the streets between a busker & a very young fan but regardless it’s just splendid. I include the original version below for your aural pleasure too. Nuff said for this post. Enjoy!

The Wrong Direction – Passenger

The Bonnie Tilers – Best business name ever?

How grout are The Bonnie Tilers

Behold!!! I have seen this van a couple of times locally but never been able to photograph the darn thing. Finally I passed it on the weekend and now can unfetter their brilliance upon the world.

Look closely.

Look again at the photo above. Now look down. See it? When you look closer it isn’t Bonnie Tyler at all.  See the Genius!

Holding out for a Hero? The Bonnie Tilers

Further monetizing suggestions for the Bonnie Tilers.

(Do your Tiles) Tuuuurn Around? Every now & then…Well call us on 0435 – xxxxxx

Or. Customer in italics

And I need you now tonight (Sorry we finish at 4pm)
And I need you more than ever (OK. That will cost triple)
And if you’ll only hold me tight  (Um, OK awkward)
We’ll be holding on forever  (Well our tiles will)
And we’ll only be making it right (Bad tiles need to go, no two ways)
Cause we’ll never be wrong together (Can we get a reference?)
We can take it to the end of the line (We never leave gaps)
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time (Ummm…)
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark (We do tiles not electrical lady)
We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks (Seriously you need an electrian!!)
I really need you tonight (Ok we’ll be there at 7pm)
Forever’s gonna start tonight (Well not forever –technically – we give a five year guarantee)