Can you be a well guarded secret & advertise? Hmmm…


Shhh...don't tell anyone. Um actually maybe like tell loads of people?!

So Noosa is certainly a well-to-do holiday hamlet about 2 hours north of Australia’s 3rd largest city Brisbane. Exclusive might not be too much of a stretch but it is slightly too mass market for that to be entirely accurate. That background is necessary because in a place like Noosa boutique sells.

All well & good but is it just me that has a little problem with the Belmondo’s advertisement?

Firstly it’s placed in a cheesy tourist map. Think a free London map with the nearest Hard Rock cafe or TGI Fridays marked. Gourmet & chessy doesn’t sound that palatable? Next is the cachet of such a venerated local institution, spoken of only in whispers, somewhat contradicted by, um you know – advertising.

Lastly & possibly leastly why are they actually advertising at all if they are a Noosa incrowd icon. Just a nod, a Belmondos market bag & a knowing smirk ought be enough surely?

Anyway could you tell that it rained alot while I was there? Mind wanders when…

Noosa Main beach. Just between us OK 😉