Instore versus Online

Young boy shop keeper

Bricks & Mortar (& plastic is seems) are under massive pressure from Online Shopping

Confronting isn’t it.

The face of change.

Luckily at 3 years of age my son is likely to be able to evolve but for many a high-street trader & large department store alike times are bleak. In fairness too son had only popped in to that cubbyhouse in Toys R Us for a nappy ‘act of nature’ but nonetheless I feel this picture encapsulates the plight of traditional retailing versus the growing behemoth that is Online. (Actually did I spell ‘popped’ correctly?)



Government Minister predicts end of bookshops in five years. If only the same could be true for politians!

Will Bookshops be around in five years?

If only Boarders could reKindle their success

This is rather brazen don’t you think? Australian Federal Minister for Small Business, Nick Sherry, has predicted that bookshops will be a thing of the past in five years. I don’t know maybe he might be correct but wouldn’t that be a shame. Reading is so tactile, the audible whisper of the pages as you flick through, the browsing before buying or even hiding that book you are undecided on in the wrong section while you think about whether or not to buy. Oops is that just me?

Ten years ago the Internet was going to kill off travel agents within a couple of years. But it’s hard to get advice or try multiple itineraries with a computer. Even more irritating is to type in Fiji Holiday into Bing (ha ha just kidding like anyone uses that) and get Page 1 of 438. Too hard! Ever tried to read your newspaper on an iPad or Smartphone over eggs and coffee on Sunday morning – it just doesn’t cut it.

Regardless of what will happen to the poor olde Bookshop moving forward I think I’d prefer my tech soothsaying from a Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg than from a Politian at a podium.


Hmm…seems it’s not just me who thinks these comments a touch brash! An article from The Age Online.

Aussies Aussies Aussies COY COY COY – of buying Australian retail. Here’s why…


So Aussie icon brand RM Williams has spent alot on this 2 jeans for $200 campaign. But why bother really? For me getting four (maybe even five!) pairs of USA Levis is a tad more appealing for the same price. Easy as jumping on the pc or macbook & hitting the www. I wouldn’t really have suggested that there is a good ROI in this campaign. I would write more but gotta go there’s a sale on at Urban Outfitters.