Is this the world’s crappiest award ever?

No PR is bad PR - NOT TRUE!

Congratulations on being, err, like you know, cough, our recruitment agency’s um, best you know like truly most awesome temp for this month.

Oh the awkwardness & pain of this photo – the exact moment this truly shitful award is handed over to the poor bemused temp. One A4 piece of paper fresh off the canon printer and not even a frame!! I do note however, and I’m sure AA Appointments would point out – it is printed in colour!!

So cringe-worthy  – it’s an Award car wreck, but what makes it for me, what I love the most is the beaming branch manager.

How good is this!! We so rule PR…

…we observe this in her knowing smile as she holds what appears to be a pencil case?

Working in the same sector as this recruitment agency I’m sure this post will take me off the AA Appointments Christmas card list. We can only hope. Or better perhaps maybe I’ll get an award? Ohhhh what might that possibly be?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? from AA Appointments

And we GUARANTEE it! Um well not really, actually sort of…well possibly but befuddling conditions will apply

Guaranteed - no guarantees.

Guaranteed - no guarantees.

Paragraph one – we are AWESOME! We guarantee permits.

Paragraph two – um more specifically we don’t actually really guarantee that as such…

Paragraph three – Well we kinda do but Neptune needs to be aligned with Venus every third Tuesday of course