Hmm…now this QR code is really taking the piss

A QR in the dunny, that's a waste of money!

Hmmm…we as marketers are constantly trying to innovate. Finding new ways – and locations – to engage our audience.

However is this going too far? The Melbourne airport urinals. Long have the ‘Gents’ & ‘Ladies’ bathrooms been an advertising bastion based on the perception of a captured audience.

However a QR at the gents trough, I believe, is an epic marketing fail on two fronts.

  1. Splash oops there goes the iphone. Without any gauche detail it won’t have been held with two hands
  2. Worse. No boys I’m just scanning this code, honestly. Um no, I’m not filming!!!

As you may know from this blog I’m a massive fan of the QR code. That said the Quick Response you might get at busy urinals from your neighbour when de pocketing your phone replete with camera may not be quite as expected!

NB No I didn’t have company when taking the pic for this post. Ha ha

Um OK a little awkward

There's cold calling & then VERY cold calling!!

OK so I’ve done a post already on Alternate Takes about my penchant for Quick Response (QR) codes. I’m using them frequently in the advertising I organise in my day job. So much so it would seem that it is being noticed by techy types & their associated businesses.

I’m getting a few approaches by proactive types championing how their business will advance what I’m doing and/or how we could work together for mutual benefit…yada yada. That’s fine.

However today I received a quite delightful QR cold call (try saying that five times fast) via one of our retail stores. It was a simple trawl for business & we were just one of the corporate fish netted in their broadbrush spruiking. However I must admit that as I forced myself to look thru the prop (as you do) I did pause at the above slide.

QR codes are becoming more common and even appear in newspapers

Well strike me down with the sports section. Really?!! Sweet baby Jesus & the orphans who would have thought that. Well OK perhaps that’s not completely accurate. You see both unfortunately – and reasonably awkwardly – the newspaper advertising & QR code they use to evidence this ground-breaking information is actually my ad. Ha ha

Oh dear! What are the chances, small world hey

Is it possible I’m addicted to QR codes?

Do not scan lest you become an addict too

OK so cigarettes would be worse, marijuana smellier & cocaine costlier (oh sorry and illegal forgot that part for the last two, yeah illegal) But my name is Saxon & I’m damn sure I am developing an addiction to creating QR codes.

QR codes? Quick response codes folks. For the marketer today the nexus between offline & online. From the punters morning newspaper to your website with the merest of waves of their smartphone or tablet. Hang I need to take a moment. OK composed…

I would wax lyrical about how they work – or – I could just get you to scan one:

Yes I wish to learn more about the mystical world of the QR

Or oldschool. As presented to us by a user experience librarian. Wow seriously that job exists?