“Rug cleaning is their passion” – Wow seriously??

I need to get some rugs cleaned – well actually – I need(ed)… Turns out it’s so expensive that it’s cheaper to buy new ones. Such a disposable society, I feel so dirty…well not on a clean rug I won’t!

Anyway looking through a few websites it started to appear that there is a  some type of clandestine, secretive rug world. Institutes & traditions that go back piles of generations (OK there had to be one didn’t there. No more puns)

Don’t mess with the rug family

Have a read of the below. Names have been changed due to legal advice (Well mainly fear actually). But jeez…talk about pride in their work. Seems that Rugmen live their job, almost as if it’s in their fabric (Ok, Ok I know I promised…)

XXXXXX Rug Wash is now owned by Bill Clinton and Fred Astaire, members of the prestigious Carpet Cleaners Institute, and major players in the industry since 1991. Rug cleaning is their passion. Bill and Fred’s knowledge of rugs is legendary and their links with several prestigious rug dealers helps to continue the traditions laid down by Steamatic all those years ago.

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Is this the worst print ad ever? I almost dropped dead when I saw this. That would have been ironic!

Rug sale

Rug Sale - Dead male

Interrupt, engage, educate & offer!

This is a marketing process we try & follow at my firm. Let’s use that & overlay against this advert.

Interrupt(ed) – certainly did that. Sadly much like the life of the former owner.

Engage – hmmm not so much. More cringe.

Educate – misses here too. This rug ad fails to tell us what he died from. Tisk

Offer – um so OK no thanks you can keep the dead guys rugs.

I can only thank Hades that I didn’t hear a radio ad. Perhaps in similar subtle vain it may have gone something like…

With prices like this you’ll buy & then truck it coz our poor old last owner has just kicked the bucket!