Sign of the times – ‘I’m’ not taking the piss.


I so angry about wee wee that grammar not interest me me

I can almost feel the exasperation of this business owner. People piddling on their premises – it’s just not on. Rage clearly trumps grammar as this entrepreneur fights back with their bold sign. They are clearly not taking this lying down – although in fairness it’s likely to be what people are doing standing up that is most angering them.

Whilst I’m categorizing this loosely as signage for my blog it was really the appealing green background & perfect lighting that first attracted my photographic eye to this sign on a morning run of errands.

Couldn’t also help but wonder if the scrawled blood crimson lettering is courtesy of the last ‘tinkler’ who may have suffered the particular misfortune of being caught-in-the-act by the irate owner? Just saying…

Little Mary won’t be coming to the party :(


Don’t get me wrong I value thorough Fire Blanket safety as much as the next man…nothing gets me more riled than incorrect blanket usage! But a young girl regaled in her favorite party dress burning alive whilst a decidedly dodgy criminal-looking  type smothers out the flames…  A smidge excessive? I wonder if he will recommence the burglary after she is extinguished?