Early Adopters look away now!

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I recently saw a compelling documentary on Google^ and a key ‘take out’ for me was their constant thirst for innovation. I am quite certain that Larry & Sergei would have coniptions if they ever had the misfortune to encounter my cord entanglement catastrophy. (Above)

When I packed up tonight I looked down and was myself aghast at the scene of entwined hell beneath me. It looked like three Octopuses fighting over spaghetti! It certainly filled a hitherto so-called Early Adopter with pangs of guilt. Will I have to hand in my membership? Will I need to rescind my HTC 4g for an iPhone3? First rule of Early Adopters Club don’t talk about Early Adopters Club…oh and don’t have sixteen tons of cabling on your desk!

Hmmm perhaps I can acquire a Livescribe pen and rejoin the club! A pen so advanced that it makes paper very 2010 (search Livescribe for my related post)

^ OK so reasonably interesting. Filled in an hour or so on a flight at least