Love some nuance in my traffic safety advertising


Sorry that this image is a little blurry but I was driving a bit too fast.

Love a dose of pithy handling of a serious subject. So nice to have a chuckle rather than a cringe. It’s more oft to see a limb flying thru a windscreen than a droll play on words.

Good work on this one clever agency peeps!


Very pithy beer ad.

James Squires
Grin & beer it

I think that most of us would agree that beer advertising in general has delivered many classic campaigns over the years.

Nothing particularly earth-shattering to tell you today except that I am just completely enamoured with this James Squires point-of-sale collateral piece (OK posh way to say a beer coaster). Nothing better than a coaster that gets you  belly laughing & in a super mood, ironically enough as the product it promotes is also about to do!

Love this, love this, love it. “…and 2 Barrels of Ale” that sly judge. Bravo James Squires’ agency!