No artistic hurdle using Wordle!

My blog's raison d'etre using Wordle

So I’m very sorry for time chasm between posts. Day job been rather hectic of late organising The Biggest European Travel Expo in Australia. If you do want an absolute bargain on a flight to Europe then check it out. You know excepting of course if you live in the US or UK & would need to fly to Australia first! Thinking then the savings would be of rather, um, smaller proportions!! Anyhoo…

You simply must be told about Wordle. If you already know about this great site then this post is about as cutting edge as a plastic aeroplane knife. But if you don’t, oh if you don’t friends let me tell ya.

Check out the link at the bottom of this post. Type in your words and behold – amazingness. Well actually closer to awesomeness but I’m not completely sure which is better. Beautiful word clouds will appear before you as if by magic. Well I say magic and those with a more techy persuasion will probably say algorithm.

The definition of 'busy' Wordled

Approach with caution!

A word(le) of warning before you all start envisaging your future amazing power-point projects, school reports or funky cafe menus. You can’t right-click copy or actually ever save your Wordle designs. Even more irritatingly, for me at least, you also can’t search for your amazing designs once done. The Wordle designs are simply displayed chronologically. Doesn’t take long before your super fabulous efforts disappear into the cloud itself. Still you can see a couple of my examples here can’t you so there are ways & means my friends. Coughs – print screen.

Check it out – tis fun.