Scarier than the Spanish economy

Forget a Nightmare on Elm Street, pift to the US national debt and shudder no more at the thought of Susan Boyle in lingerie the clip below my friends is the stuff that should really induce nightmares.

Camino del Rey.

Camino del Rey in Spain. If you can walk this then it’s likely not your backpack & waterbottle that are the largest things dangling from your person!

Monday’s classic commercial. Who would have thought washing could be so entertaining?!

I think the creative team at Leo Burnett, Italy may have sniffed a few cheeky lines of washing powder before dreaming up this 2007 advert for Ariston washing machines. I love the result. Who could have imagined what ethereal journey dirty undies were about to undertake. The UK latterly copied this ad but removed the flapping fish at the end. A very PC decision that, in my opinion, socks.

Monday’s classic commercial: Undies or Togs? (Bathers/ Swimsuit)

Starting a new section today. Each Monday (somewhere in the world) I will upload a popular ad. Funny, thought-provoking or maybe controversial; contemporary or perhaps yesteryear.

This Monday its a TV ad for Trumpet Ice Creams in New Zealand (2007)

Whilst it’s an effective advert for setting the summer tone I think the greater good is acheived by reinforcing just how wrong these type of ‘lolly bags’ are!!!!